Miniature Horse Association of Arizona

Promoting the Miniature Horse

Welcome to the world of the American Miniature Horse through the MHAA, the Miniature  Horse Association of Arizona.  MHAA’s main objective is to promote the Miniature Horse as a breed  through showing, education, sponsorship, fellowship and sportsmanship at meetings, driving events  and  specialty Miniature Horse shows.

If you have an interest in acquiring these small equines or any questions about our activities or how to join our club, please contact any of our present-day officers.                                       COPYRIGHT 2010  MHAA    Miniature Horse Association of Arizona                       Web Design  J Garbero

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 MHAA Officers

President   Jimmie Sizemore Ph.480-567-2067 Vice Pres.  Andrea Mikkel           602-369-6285

Treasurer  Joan Solheim            602-577-7618   Secretary     Jan Garbero            602-789-1229


Board of Directors: Go to CONTACT page.

The Miniature Horse Association of Arizona  will sponsor two 2015 Spring Shows

The Kick Off Arizona Miniature Horse Show, March 19,   Westworld of Scottsdale  Arena 3

28th Annual AZ Touch of Class Miniature Horse Show, March 21and 22 held in the enclosed Equidome Equestrian Center at Westworld of Scottsdale, AZ.





Text Box: Featured Member
Andrea “Andee” Mikkel
Andee Mikkel joined the Miniature Horse Assn. of Arizona  in 1988. She has owned Miniatures for 26 years when she got her first Miniature, named Jasmine, in 1988. By 2003 more Minis found their way into Andee’s home and heart with a total of 6 stallions and 7 mares.  A favorite Mini of hers is Romeo (Left) which she purchased in 2006;  he has been a great driving horse.
For most of Andee’s life, ever since her childhood, she has been involved with horses.  She has had much experience riding horses in 4-H clubs.  As a teenager, she rode her Appaloosa horse in local horse shows.  
Andee has held the position of Vice President for the MHAA club since 2012.  While living in North Phoenix, off the Carefree Highway, she has acquired even more exotic equine, the Gypsy Vanners, Donkeys, Mini Mules, a Clydesdale and Zebras besides her Quarter horses and Miniature horses.

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